BURLESON The images are enough to make most parents cringe: A coach shoving an umpire in the face during an eight-year-old's baseball game.

It ended with Burleson police responding to a 911 call, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

You'd be hard-pressed to find nicer ball fields in North Texas than the Chisenhall Farms Sports Complex in Burleson. In fact, the diamonds were recently outfitted with cameras that captured the fight 10 days ago.

The video shows parent and coach Raul Aragon emerging from the third base line to argue a call with an umpire. It is the third time during this game he has been on the field to talk to the official.

The two argue, and the umpire ejects Aragon from the game. Then Aragon shoves the ump in the face with his right hand.

The heated conversation continues as Aragon chases the umpire across the field. He's then restrained by other coaches and walks off the field, shouting back at the umpire.

Aragon declined to be interviewed on camera for this report, but he said this to News 8: Everyone makes mistakes, and I am embarrassed.

He said the ump came in as a replacement midway through the game, and the two had a series of escalating disagreements.

Regardless, Aragon says he knows he set a bad example.

That is a concern when kids see parents and coaches reacting to a situation with violence or with aggressiveness, not necessarily being a good role model, said Christy Greenleaf, a professor at the University of North Texas who studies kids and sports.

Officials from Pony Elite Baseball, who are seen in red uniforms in the video, also declined to be interviewed on-camera. However, they told News 8 that Aragon has voluntarily removed himself from league activities.

In addition, the league and the City of Burleson have banned Aragon from entering any of the city's parks indefinitely.

Even though it might seem like a harsh response, probably from a legal perspective to try to take care of that and make sure they prevent it from happening in the future, Greenleaf said.

League officials called 911 after the incident and police showed up to write a report. But the ump has declined to press charges.

Everyone involved, now hopes this regrettable incident may turn into a teachable moment for kids and parents to think before you act.


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