You may have missed it this week, but California authorities took some action in the case of the Octomom. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

The doctor who implanted the multiple embryos in Nadya Suleman three years ago did not exercise sound judgment a medical board ruled. As a result, they revoked his license to practice medicine. That's long overdue.

Make no mistake, Suleman is the main problem in the situation.

Even before the birth of her octuplets, the single mom had six kids she could not support without some kind of assistance.

The Octomom spectacle turned child bearing and child rearing into a nightmare that no truly mature adult would want for their kids. She should have known better but didn't.

Suleman seemed to forget. It does not take a woman or man to make a baby, but it does take one to raise and support one, let alone 14.

Now, reportedly months behind on her bills, Suleman may lose her house and is reportedly looking for a reality TV show deal.

I am sure the doctor will have his defenders, but if he did not know about Suleman and her situation before he performed the procedure via a careful consultation with her, he should have.

Let's hope other doctors are paying attention. Something tells me Suleman isn't.

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