Q: When was the last time you were in a fight (physical altercation) and did you win?
A: A fight, never! Girls don t fight, or at least I don t.

Q: Please tell us what you and the other anchors wear below the desk. I think I caught an anchor once who was very nicely dressed above the desk and when they stood up to leave the desk, they were wearing jeans or shorts and slippers. Is that normal?
Also, I have long, thick hair similar to yours. Do you have a recommendation for a good hair stylist in the DFW area?
A: We have to wear full suits now with dressy shoes, because at Victory Park, they take shots from all angles. BUT, Dale, on Sunday s usually is only seen from the top up, and he wears running pants on the bottom with tennis shoes! As for the hair, try my guy, Abel at Salon Pompeo. Tell him, hi!

Q: What political/economic/social theorist has most influenced you? What book(s) have had the greatest influence in shaping your beliefs? What journalist or editorial writer do you most admire regardless of their beliefs?
A: I found the The Tipping Point very interesting. It shows how social movements happen. It also shows what kinds of personalities it takes to create the kind of momentum necessary to create social change. As far as print journalism, I love reading the quotes of the week from Time magazine. I love Bob Woodruff, too. He has covered the news, and he s been the focus of the news, which I think gives him an extra sensitivity that makes his storytelling different.

Q: Do reporters do their own hair and make-up? There are some reports that I see, and they look like they just crawled out of bed. I understand being in the elements, such as rain and wind, but really, it's even in the studio! They need some help. It seems that someone should make sure they are camera ready and visually appealing. I'm not trying to be funny, my question is serious.
A: No one does our hair and makeup, not for reporters or anchors. We do have a consultant that comes in to suggest how it would look best, and how to apply makeup for TV, but we do it all every day. I wish I had some help. I hate getting ready.

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