From the we're spending too much on education crowd down in Austin has come another brilliant idea. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

A few days ago, a House panel backed a proposal to cap the state tax on yachts. Great news if you're rich enough to buy a yacht.

Sponsors say they want to save yacht-building jobs. This is same crowd that now is talking about tossing the tax-free weekend because the state of Texas needs money.

I don't know why it is that working people trying to put food on the table for their kids don't seem to get the same respect in Austin as the rich do.

Spend a few million dollars on a new super yacht, you need a tax break. You and your spouse work three or four jobs to make sure you can pay your bills, tough luck.

Now, I know we will bring in more revenue by canceling the tax-free weekend than by leaving yacht taxes uncapped, but this is about principle, about regular people being slapped every time lawmakers gather to divvy up what we give them.

Make no mistake, keep the tax-free weekend, the state loses money. But they've already decimated public education in Texas. And you know, even if they did stop tax-free weekend, not a dime of what they'll get will be used to bringing back one teacher or put one book in one school.

I care about working people, who don't necessarily want to be rich and don't mind working hard to earn their way. Whatever we can do to keep their families strong, we ought to do. That includes sending the right message, which this is not.

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