GRAPEVINE- The cheating debate will go live Thursday night at Fellowship Church in Grapevine as the creator of a cheating spouse website prepares to talk with a pastor.

Noel Biderman is the man who made millions of dollars off of cheating husbands and wives. He runs the web site It is a dating site for men and women who are already married, but want to have an affair.

Biderman said he already knows that he and Pastor Ed Young do not see eye to eye.

I think Pastor Young s view of the world is that adultery is wrong and stop, said Biderman. It s not what the bible would allow, it s not what Jesus would endorse and despite what I want to say, it has no place in society.

Biderman is not a member of his web site, but said hundreds of thousands of married North Texans are members.

My view of the world is that it is not that cut and dry. That it s easy to sit there from a distant and judge someone as being straight or bad or wrong. And the person who was cheated on as a victim. I don t think it s that simple.

He said with more couples fighting over finances and unable to afford divorce, they look to stray. The entrepreneur said starting his web site was a business decision because there is a marketplace for the service.

Biderman said in ten years he has grown the web site to eight million members in ten countries and three languages.

The face off between Pastor Young and Biderman is expected to be fiery.

It begins at 7 p.m. Thursday at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. It is open to the public.

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