DALLAS- On Valentine's Day many people give, or receive, flowers or chocolate. But, a group of Dallas children is delivering something priceless.

Vanessa Manriquez is coloring a homemade Valentine card for some very brave men and women.

They are special to me because they gave us freedom, said the fifth grader.

Vanessa and her friends at the Honeycreek Apartments are taking part in a project called Valentine's For Veterans. It was implemented by their after school program: Camp Fire USA. The kids will deliver the cards Monday afternoon to the Veteran's Nursing Home.

I think it'll be awesome to see a real veteran and give it to them. It's like a valuable moment and I'll try to keep that for the rest of my life, said 10-year-old Vexanna Jackson.

Numerous boxes are full and ready for delivery. Their veterans valentine goal it to make 500 cards, so each veteran can get a few. Another goal, according to Adrienne Armstrong, Camp Fire's Kid Club Director, was to make the children aware of the important role the military plays in our country.

The kids really learn something so simple as making cards and saying thank you and really understanding the job that these men and women did, said Armstrong.

A job that Marniquez, even at a young age, appreciates.

It's important because the veterans helped us and some of them are hurt, Marniquez said.


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