ARLINGTON Fans arriving at Cowboys Stadium Sunday were dressed for the occasion and happy to be able to attend Super Bowl XLV.

Not all would get inside.

I'm winning because I'm here, said Tony Bilchis from Mexico, who didn't have a ticket for the game. I'm here and you're there. You re at home. I'm here.

Gabriel Hilario of San Antonio looked a lot like Steelers safety Troy Palamalu with his shaggy wig.

Yeah, I can't find the locker room right now, but I ll find it, he said. It s such a big place. I know it's out there somewhere!

Some fans had tickets; others didn't.

No, no tickets, said Heather Erp from Pittsburgh. I expect to pay up to $3,000.

I'm a true Cowboys fan, so I can't cheer for the Packers or the Steelers, said Greg Wilson of Dallas. I'm just celebrating the Super Bowl.

A number of Packers fans from Wisconsin went online two weeks ago and found a parking spot for $400. It's across the street from Cowboys Stadium.

They didn't mind being ticketless.

Absolutely not, said Ron Schwarz from Madison, Wisconsin. In fact, we took a walk around the stadium earlier this morning. That's as close as we're going to get to it. We had this planned that we're going to get a parking spot down here and tailgate outside the stadium. We hope the weather holds up so we can cheer on our team.

I've got my Packer pants on, said Mary Bauer of Madison, Wisconsin. I've got my Packer bra on, and it's signed by Mark Tauscher right there, and my green hair and it's real. It's the real thing.

Next to them were more fans from Wisconsin who had no intention of seeing the game in person.

That's what it's all about, said Marshall Hephner, who hails from Chilton, Wisconsin. We drove down from the Green Bay area down here. That s what it's all about.

Super Bowl on Sunday and no school, said Nick Lebinski of Monroe, Connecticut, who is in elementary school. I'm flying home tomorrow. I have no school then, either. Tuesday school! Now it's time for the Super Bowl!

Naturally, some fans went overboard on a day when superheros are born. Eric Pomposeli of Dallas looked like a Steelers supehero.

Honestly, I don't know, Pomposeli said. If it was black and yellow, I put it on my body and this is what I came up with. Superhero on Super Bowl day. Hey, it works.

Then there was a man who called himself Super G Man, dressed in Packers colors. Powers, he said. I have extreme powers.

I think that 'G' Man had a little too much Tecate before the game, said Liz Sepich of Wisconsin.

That would explain a lot on this Super Bowl Sunday, where excess is the norm.


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