TERRELL The roads in Terrell were clear Wednesday morning, so the Terrell Independent School District opened the doors and held classes.

Everything was fine, the roads were fine, said Superintendent Kelly Rodgers. They appreciated us starting late so they could get to school late and see the roads.

Rodgers decision upset some parents like Sherri Faulk. The temperatures are cold, she said. There were already classrooms that had no heat.

The superintendent stood by his decision, but he could not predict those rolling blackouts throughout the day.

Terrell ISD started classes at 10 a.m. Wednesday. At 11:30 a.m., the high school was in the dark because of the power shutdown.

I understand that there are blackouts; I understand that it is cold; I understand all of that, Faulk said. Send the kids home.

The district called parents after students sat in the dark for two hours.

The lights also went out at Furlough Middle School.

It was a little frustrating when all the other districts are being out, said parent Russell Rogers. But of course I know they ve got the best intention for the children in mind.

The schools went through the rolling blackout and also had problems with turning the power back on once the blackout was over at the schools. As this report is filed, Terrell ISD was planning to open schools two hours late on Thursday.


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