The average high temperature in February is about 60 degrees, the low about 35.

So, if the averages hold, Super Bowl fans on the outside looking in will be a little chilly, but not too uncomfortable. The NFL will sell tickets to the east plaza, outside of Cowboys Stadium, but inside the security perimeter. Normally, the Cowboys sell party passes that allow fans into the standing room only areas of the stadium, but those areas are being filled with temporary bleachers. Fans who buy the $200 tickets will sit outside and watch the game on large HD monitors.

The big coup for the Cowboys is that the NFL decided to count these fans toward the total attendance, which means there is a very good chance this upcoming Super Bowl will set an attendance record. The current record is 103,667, set in 1980 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Seeing as how the Cowboys figured out a way to stuff 105,121 into their stadium for the home opener in 2009, it's hard to believe they won't break the record.

That mark of 105,121 is a record for an NFL regular season game. Fans weren't comfortable during that game, and depending on the weather on February 6, the ones sitting outside might not be comfortable for this one either.

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