DALLAS - Dallas police say they will not charge Dallas City Council member Carolyn Davis for interfering with a traffic stop.

When Davis became involved in a recent traffic stop involving her neighbor, officers tried to get her to back off.

You do not run the police department, an officer can be heard telling Davis on the dash cam video captured from the patrol car.

I'm not going to argue with you, she responded.

Police investigated to determine if other comments she made during the altercation constituted a threat, but they opted not to charge her, later releasing the dash cam video Friday.

Davis claimed she came to the aid of her neighbor Bernard Burnley because he was being searched illegally.

You are interjecting yourself into a traffic stop and it becomes an officer safety issue, the officer told Davis.

At one point, Davis tells the officers she might vote to take away their pensions because she was unhappy.

You know, when the mayor starts taking ... starts talking about taking your pension plan away, I wonder how.. what I need to do. I might have to vote with it, she can be heard saying on the captured video.

That comment led officers to open an investigation of Davis' behavior during the stop involving her neighbor.

Officers said by the time Davis had intervened, officers had already done the search of Burnley, so Davis' involvement had no impact on the case.

Police were considering three possible charges against Davis, including official oppression, misuse of a public office and interfering with police duties. No charges will be made.

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