DALLAS How far would you go to try and go to the Rangers first appearance in the World Series? That s a question one loyal fan had to ask himself.

Darrell Cook is an attorney who was caught in a squeeze play of sorts. He has a court pre-trial hearing set for Wednesday, which is the same day as the World Series game against the San Francisco Giants. While Cook is one of the lucky few with a ticket to the game, he isn't so lucky when it comes to his schedule.

Since 1972 I have been a fan of the Texas Rangers, since I was 13-years-old, he said.

Seeing the Rangers in a World Series is the attorney s life-long dream.

I love that team, and I love what they have become and they symbolize sheer exuberance, Cook said.

So, he pitched a fast one. In 30 minutes Monday afternoon, he quickly wrote a legal motion asking the judge to delay his 1 p.m. Wednesday hearing so he could hop on a plane to watch the Rangers play.

It s a pre-trial hearing, Cook said. I don t think it will prejudice the city for a judge to grant it and give us some leeway on it.

The motion is written tongue in cheek with bits of humor outlining why he didn't expect the Rangers to be in the World Series through all their troubles and march to history.

They acquired Bengie Molina for the equivalent of a thimble and a skate key, he said.

He filed the motion at an Irving Municipal court.

I meant to have some fun with it, Cook said. I meant for the judge to enjoy reading it.

He hopes the judge has a sense of humor and isn't a Giants fan.

I really don't know if the judge leans one way or another, Cook said.

In his last paragraph of the emergency motion, Cook wrote that he must be in San Francisco to attend to a very important baseball matter and has no one to cover for him while he sees to his business in San Francisco. Cook's client apparently is going along with it.


UPDATE: Cook got his request for a continuance Wedneday. The Cty of Irving attorney told WFAA that a continuance is always granted on a first request.

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