DALLAS It's a race that's caused controversy for months.

Most recently, there have been questions about Dallas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's role in awarding scholarships to family members.

But her Republican challenger, Stephen Broden, is not without controversy himself.

Before Broden became a candidate for Johnson's 30th District seat, he was a sought-after speaker on cable news channels and at conservative rallies.

Now his words are following him into the campaign, and in some cases he's backing away from them.

News 8 asked Broden to watch some his remarks from the recent past and to find out if he stands by them.

During one interview in late 2009 with Fox News, he implied that the Obama administration, through health care legislation, meant to send seniors to early graves to save money.

This administration is trying to figure out how to deal with that stress and so they are doing end-of-life counseling in order to depopulate that particular group of people.

News 8 asked if he still believes that. The direct answer to your question is, 'No,' Broden said. I don't think that they are trying to get senior citizens to die prematurely. I think they are entertaining end-of-life counseling based on economic viability.

In June, 2009, Broden said the Obama administration planned the nation's problems.

Since the beginning of this administration, we have witnessed crisis after crisis. Crisis in mortgage; crisis in the finance and banking; crisis in the automotive industry; and crisis in the credit card business. But all of it is contrived. All of it is a set-up.

But Broden has now changed his thinking on the issue. I think they are authentic crises facing this nation, he said Thursday, conceding that this position is different than his 2009 remarks.

Also in June 2009, Broden compared those governing the United States to Nazi Germany.

Let me tell you that is something that happened in Germany when the Jews were walking into the furnaces and they didn't even try to stop or fight their way. They walked in because they did not believe that this was happening. They didn't believe that humanity could be so evil. I am submitting to you tonight that is where America is right now. They are our enemies and we must resist them.

News 8 wanted to know if Broden was trying to say that Barack Obama is like Adolph Hitler. No I am not, he said Thursday.

When asked if he thought if comparing Nazi Germany to the United States in 2010 is an accurate comparison he said: No. There was a principle there that I was trying to connect with our current situation.

Broden said in June 2009 before a Fort Worth audience that there is a solution.

We have a constitutional remedy here, and the framers said, if that don't work revolution.

Broden said Thursday that revolution, in his view, first comes at the ballot box. But he said violent overthrow is an option.

Our nation was founded on violence; the option is on the table, he said. I don't think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms.

We have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary, Broden added.

With voters armed, Broden will soon find out if his words help or hurt in his bid to unseat Rep. Johnson.


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