The election is just weeks away now, but is voting straight down a party line always the best choice? It's this week's Uncut commentary by WFAA anchor John McCaa.

I'll probably hear from the major political parties today, and that's just fine.

Democrats, Republicans and even libertarians do you a disservice when they tell you that you need to vote a straight ticket for their party. For that matter, any party that tells you to do that is wrong.

Sure, it helps their party. The question is, does it help you?

When it comes to everything else, some members of all the major parties like to talk about the importance of rewarding individual initiative, supporting those who work hard and who help you pull the wagon. But, when you get into the voting booth and pull the lever, they don't want you to pay attention to whether the individual candidate is looking out for your interests.

They'll tell you their team has a better plan than the other team, better candidates and better policies.

Take an honest look back over the last 20 years and you'll find a few people and policies on all sides of the aisle who sold you and other working people and their jobs down the river.

They claim you don't have time to research the candidates. Well, we all now see what not making the time costs us. Whether the parties want you to believe it or not, politics should not be a team sport. Some of the players on each team are just not first stringers.

Want to send them all a real message this November? Do your research, give your vote only to those looking out for you. If you do, somebody's coming home.

And hey, word from Washington is the recession is over so they should have no problem finding a job.

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