Ben Affleck is back, and this time on both sides of the camera as a star and director.

The Town is a tense, well-crafted, criminal-minded bank heist movie written, directed and starring Ben Affleck. He's terrific as Doug, the leader of a Boston area gang who keeps getting closer and closer to getting caught and sent to prison.

Jeremy Renner is just as good as the trigger happy sidekick in the visceral and entertaining film.

The Town is filled with first-rate actors, including Jon Hamm as the FBI agent and Rebecca Hall as the love interest, all of which rise to the level of Affleck's compelling screenplay. This is also an exhilarating action film, with a serious tone that delivers on a number of gritty levels.

The film is rated a strong R and will restore your faith in Affleck as an actor. This is his best role since Good Will Hunting, as he flirts with disaster around every corner.

As a director he's become a version of Scorsese, creating films that live and breath on the tough side of life. Wow, what a film. I'll see this one again.


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