Cowboy fans, your trip through the barren desert that is the North Texas summer and the NFL's painfully-long-preseason is over and we finally have pro football that means something. Thank goodness!!!
In my opinion, the Cowboys have a great chance to win tonight because they've got more talent than the Redskins, but here are a few key pressure points from tonight's game that could sway the outcome either way.

Pressure Point #1
You know its coming, and I know you've heard about it until you're blue in the face, but it all starts up front for the Cowboys. Montrae Holland is starting at left guard and Alex Barron at right tackle, along with Doug Free making his starting debut and Andre' Gurode and Leonard Davis, have got to match the physicality of the Redskins. Its a new regime here, so this crowd and Redskins players will make this FedEx field more than hostile tonight. They'll be amped up, but Wade Phillips told us earlier this week that his dad used to tell him all the emotion goes away the first time you hit 'em in the mouth. The Cowboys should take Bum Phillips advice. Now, I don't think the Cowboys have to have a great running game, just enough to keep the Redskins honest and give Romo chances to make some big plays down the field. Which brings us to the next point.

Pressure Point #2

Make plays down the seam. That's the alley on both sides of the field between the numbers and the hash marks. The Cowboys will have opportunities to make plays against the Redskins safeties LaRon Landry and Reed Doughty. The Cowboys receivers versus the Redskins secondary is the one matchup I think the Cowboys have a huge edge in, and they'll need to show it with plays down the middle of the field.

Pressure Point #3

All you Oklahoma fans know the prime time player in this final pressure point. If he's not on his game and doesn't have help, Redskins left tackle Trent Williams could have a rude welcome to the league. We know what DeMarcus Ware can do - and that's not a good thing for Williams. Welcome to the league, rook. Ware creating a big turnover could go a big way in putting the Cowboys on top in this one.

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