DALLAS - Thursday's Our Neighbor is a group of North Texans who rescue abandoned, neglected and abused guinea pigs.

The Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue is a non-profit organization who needs help finding loving homes for abandoned guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.

It's a huge need right now; especially because of the recession, a lot of people can't afford their pets, said Jenny Bumgardner, who houses several guinea pigs with the organization. Unfortunately, that's the first family member that goes.

The Texas Rustlers have rescued guinea pigs and other exotic animals from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. Bumgardner can tell countless stories of neglect.

Several of them had been inbred so we have some blind guinea pigs, she said.

The group has already rescued 160 guinea pigs this year, but they've only been able to adopt out less than half. Animals like Walter need a home, and they're hoping you can help.

We bring them in, Bumgardner said. If they need medical care, we have several vets that we use and we make sure they're healthy and we find them a forever home as soon as possible.

The Texas Rustlers depend on the generosity of friends and supporters to continue helping the little guys, many of which have survived some terrible situations and still remain fun and lovable.

They're just sweet little animals, Bumgardner said. They're very soulful and they're always happy to see me.

Like most volunteers, Bumgardner uses a lot of her own money to feed and care for the animals, hoping to score big on their wheel of fortune with a forever home. That's why we name the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue an Our neighbor.

If you would like to adopt or donate a guinea pig or if you know a great person or organization we could feature as an Our Neighbor, contact

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