DALLAS - It's a kind of nationwide tour of hope. The charity Feed the Children stopped in Dallas Friday to feed 3,200 families.

The stop is part of an effort to feed 200,000 American families this year.

It's a blessing, said one recipient of a brown box with food inside.

Local volunteers handed out resources collected by the national charity. Cornerstone Baptist near Fair Park committed 70 volunteers.

Trying to help them survive, literally one day at a time, said Pastor Chris Simmons, Cornerstone Baptist.

With people going hungry year round, Feed the Children will visit 35 major cities this year. The group says the need for food isn't just during the holidays.

Right now, June and July are the most critical months, said Tony Sellars, with Feed the Children. The kids are out of school. There's no lunch or breakfast program. They may not be eating for days, and in fact for days at a time.

Recipients get two boxes. One has 25 pounds worth of dried and canned food. The other has 10 poundsOF personal care items.

It's going to keep us from being hungry, said another recipient.

It's one weight that's worth carrying when times are tough.

We're trying to provide this food to take one worry off their mind, Sellars said. Maybe they can catch up on those bills they've been putting behind.


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