RICHARDSON They're building big things at Big Springs Elementary School.

Instead of throwing away or recycling empty toilet paper rolls, the students at this Richardson elementary school put hundreds of them to good use all in the name of team-building.

It took them four weeks to create a cardboard cabin.

It was a great time, because all the grades got together and put together this log cabin, said 10-year-old Sam Sullivan. It was like super fun to build!

It took 678 toilet paper rolls (and lots of hot glue) to build the cabin. All of the students in the Big Springs PACE after-school program from kindergarteners to sixth graders had a hand in building it.

It was really a learning experience for all ages, for all grades, said site coordinator Lisa Matthews. They all felt that they were a big part of it.

And a big part of the project was teamwork. From collecting toilet paper rolls, to counting them and measuring dimensions, to gluing them together.

I think it's been a great teaching tool, said Jean Sullivan, Sam's mom. It's learned them to really work together. Sam told me that he was able to work with big kids and little kids together without fighting, so maybe that will translate to the home front.

In case you were wondering, the cabin went home with one family for the summer at least until it rains.


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