Some people say it's a fad; some call it revolutionary. It combines milk, moderation and tiny balls to knock out hunger.

But does the Sadkhin diet work?

Mattie Michelle has a personality as wild as her hair, but this hair stylist didn't always feel like she was a cut above the rest until she dropped major pounds.

Close to 70 pounds, she said with a laugh. It's crazy, I know!

The diet's secret is hidden under her mountain of hair. These little balls behind your ears really work, Michelle said.

It's all part of the Sadkhin Complex weight loss program, which has a one-time fee of $150 to get started.

Round silver balls are placed on a piece of tape and then strategically positioned behind the ears, a procedure called accupressure.

I place particular pressure on hunger points behind the ears not only to suppress the appetite, but more importantly to send signals to detoxify the different organ systems, explained Ed Dixon, a certified Sadkhin practitioner.

Clients return every two weeks, paying $75 to get the tiny balls moved to different hunger points.

Part of the plan is to press down on the ball every two hours for about a minute throughout the day. Moving the ball in a clockwise motion releases electrical currents, according to proponents.

They release fat tissue from around your organs and cause that fat tissue to go to your metabolism, which helps you lose inches, Dixon said.

What does a nutritionist think about this natural alternative diet plan? News 8 asked Dawn Peoples, who works at Barker Bariatric Center, which specializes in weight loss from surgery. It's going to help with different chemicals and reactions within the body, and one of those is hunger control, Peoples said.

It's what Sadkhin Complex clients are eating that concerns the nutritionist about the program. It's not going to be safe for all people, so I think everybody should see a doctor before they go on this program.

When you start the Sadkhin program, you might as well start going to the produce stand, because that's pretty much all that you eat fruits and vegetables one-and-a-half pounds per day for two days.

Then you switch to drinking milk two-and-a-half glasses per day for two days.

Then it's back to fruits and vegetables, alternating back-and-forth.

I'd say at least 80 percent of people who try a fad diet regain the weight, plus more, Peoples said.

Valerie Chesebro, a stay-at-home mother of five, is willing to try the tiny ball. Bouncing back to old habits is not on her mind.

It's phenomenal, Chesebro said. I'm going from six in the morning 'til 10 at night with tons of energy.

She said she has lost nearly 40 pounds on the Sadkhin diet.

Mattie Michelle went from a size 14 to a size 4 using the same technique. I feel like I can kind of conquer the world now, she said.


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