FORT WORTH Kimberly Al-Homsi and Yasinul Ansari appeared in federal court Monday afternoon, following a police chase and a bomb scare Saturday night.

Al-Homsi, 45, has been on the federal government's anti-terrorism radar for several years. She was interviewed by News 8 three years ago after other strange run-ins with the law.

Al-Homsi was in federal court in Fort Worth Monday with a shaved head and wearing military-style camouflage. Ansari, 18, also wore camo attire.

Both were arrested Saturday night after allegedly threatening a motorist with a weapon and leading Arlington police on a chase.

Investigators found three devices in their pickup truck that appeared to be pipe bombs.

According to a federal complaint, Al-Homsi waived her Miranda rights and confessed to making three pipe bombs in a north Arlington apartment. An acquaintance said she shares the apartment with a son.

The complaint states Al-Homsi made the bombs using PVC pipe, gunpowder, ball bearings and road flares she purchased at Arlington stores.

Attorney Peter Fleury was assigned to defend her. Obviously, just from your own reports in the media, there appear to be some issues with regards to mental health, and we'll be looking into that, Fleury said. She misses her family. She's worried, and she's afraid.

The attorney said he could offer no information on what the bombs were for; nor could he comment on the relationship between Al-Homsi and Ansari.

In 2005 Kimberly Al-Homsi was arrested for allegedly threatening someone with an inert hand grenade.

Two years later, she held Arlington police at bay for hours.

In 2007, Al-Homsi told News 8 she was being harassed for her Islamic faith. She said she is not a terrorist, but I don't like the U.S. government. The American people, I don't have a problem with them.

On Tuesday, a federal judge declared Kimberly Al-Homsi and Yasinul Ansari flight risks and a danger to the public. He ordered them to remain in federal custody while the case against them is investigated.


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