DALLAS Five of the North Texans stranded in Haiti after Tuesday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake have been injured, according to Dr. Gary Fish, a Plano opthalmologist,in Port-au-Prince.

Dr. Fish and his son are among twelve members of the Highland Park United Methodist Church performing annual work at the church'seye clinic in Petit Goave - 23 miles southwest west of Port-au-Prince.

The church's eye clinic, a one story concrete building, collapsed during the earthquake Dr. Fish said.

All twelve members of the groupleft the seaside village Wednesday by truck and arrived at the Port-au-Prince airport.

By noon Thursday, seven of themhad already been flown out of the country,two families with knowledge of the trip told News 8. The sevenwere being flownto Florida, where loved ones are already making plans to go meet them.

The remaining five members of the Highland Park group are inside the Port-au-Prince airport waiting for evacuation flights.

The extent of the injuries for the five still in Haiti are unknown though one woman was seen in video moving on a stretcher.

The group of doctors, nurses, researchers and specialists went to Petit Goave last Saturday for Highland Park United Methodist Church's annual mission there.

Family members told News 8 everyone survived Tuesday's earthquake, but two of the people suffered minor injuries.


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