DALLAS - American Airlines said it has launched a very thorough investigation after first class passengers complained of a belligerent flight attendant.

It happened on Flight 614 from Sacramento to Dallas on December 6.

Passengers complained the flight attendant went into a tirade after an executive platinum passenger requested orange juice with breakfast. Other first-class passengers who didn't know the man came to his defense during flight.

The veteran flight attendant, a woman in her 50s named Helen, allegedly threatened the passenger, saying he violating federal law by interfering with a flight crew.

We are also talking with all crew members from that flight, not just the flight attendant in question, plus others passengers who were nearby, said Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman. ... When the investigation is complete, we will take any appropriate action as necessary. We are not quite there yet.

The airline said it has scheduled more interviews on Tuesday with those involved.

It's uncertain if the flight attendant at the center of the issue is still flying.


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