AUSTIN Governor Rick Perry treated his surrender and booking like a campaign stop by arriving to cheering crowds and then shaking hands with deputies who captured his fingerprints and mug shot.

Perry walked the two blocks from the Governor's Mansion to the Travis County Courthouse flanked by attorneys and several State Troopers.

'When 26-million Texans wake up tomorrow and see his mug shot they're going to be disappointed that's what Texas is,' said Will Hailer, Executive Director, Texas Democrats.

A News 8 camera captured the moment when Perry backed himself against a blue background on the wall and then looked into the sheriff's department's camera.

The governor's mug shot could be a campaign glossy. Perry is smiling in it but deputies did ask him to remove his new glasses.

The governor entered the booking area as if at a campaign stop. He shook hands with the deputies and introduced himself to each of them. Moments later, they directed Perry to a side table where he put his hands on a piece of glass to record his fingerprints.

The governor then used a blue towel to wipe his hands.

Perry faces two felonies coercion and abuse of official capacity for threatening to veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit at the Travis County District Attorney's Office.

The governor doesn't deny it. He said the public lost confidence in the Democratic D.A., Rosemary Lehmberg, after she got a DUI in April 2013. Perry demanded she resign from office and vetoed funding to the unit after she refused.

But critics question why the governor never asked two Republican district attorneys in other Texas counties to resign as well after similar charges. Perry has not responded to that.

'The actions that I took were lawful, legal and they were proper,' Perry told supporters who gathered outside the courthouse with reporters.

The governor's surrender on Tuesday afternoon was carefully staged.

Perry wanted the cameras there. He insists he is the victim and hopes to frame his case around the D.A. who got a DUI.

'The governor is at where we're at today not because he wanted to use his constitutional authority for a veto. He's here today because he tried to coerce an elected official and abused his power,' Hailer added.

'I have a prediction for you,' said Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. 'He is standing tall. He is going to rise in the polls over the next few weeks.'

'We will prevail!,' the governor said before concluding his short remarks after his surrender.

Perry walked away without taking questions.

But he didn't return to the governor's mansion. Perry directed the State Trooper driving his black Chevrolet Suburban to go to Sandy's Ice Cream which is just south of the skyline.

Less than a half hour after leaving the courthouse, Perry Tweeted an image of himself standing with a vanilla cone, his arm around the clerk and two attorneys David Botsford and Tony Buzbee who had their own cones.

The governor waived his arraignment on Friday. His attorneys will attend a hearing at 9 a.m. that day but the governor is continuing on a previously scheduled trip to New Hampshire.


Gov. Perry arrives for arraignment

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