FORT WORTH There weren't many attending, but Kiara Prelow said it was the message that really mattered most.

'It's not just a black and white thing; it's a citizen vs. police thing,' the Trimble Tech High School junior said. 'Our youth, black America, we can stop this.'

Prelow joined other African-American youths and a couple of local pastors on Sunday night to voice support for the protests in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

The Rev. Kyev Tatum held a prayer circle to show solidarity with the thousands of people who have taken to the streets outside St. Louis after Brown an unarmed teenager was killed by a Ferguson police officer. Police have said Brown was resisting arrest, and that there was a scuffle before the shooting. He also was a suspect in a local robbery.

'This is a chance to start a bigger dialogue,' Tatum said.

The small vigil came on the same day that a new organization surfaced in Dallas. Calling itself theHuey P. Newton Gun Club, the group released a mass press release saying it is 'for the specific purpose of self-defense and community policing. Black and Brown residents of the City of Dallas will conduct the first of an ongoing and necessary armed self-defense patrols through our communities in the coming week.'

The group's organizer wouldn't agree to an on-camera interview with News 8, but said that a public event later this week would raise awareness and bring more clarity about the group's goals.

Prelow said she just hopes to spark a larger discussion especially among young adults in the African-American community.

'Hands up, don't shoot,' she said. 'It's a powerful thing.'


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