DALLAS -- Time is running out for Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy.

Two weeks ago the state announced it was revoking the school's charter. Wednesday is the deadline for the academy to announce a decision about an appeal to keep the doors open at the school's Dallas and Fort Worth campuses.If not, hundreds of kids will have to search for a new school.

Some students and staff are rallying for the school to stay open. They say adequate changes have been made.

Academy leaders still plan on welcoming kids back to schoolon Aug. 25. School leaders and founder, former Cowboys star Deion Sanders, even held a pep rally Tuesday for incoming students at the Dallas campus.

Since Prime Prep opened its doors two years ago, it's been riddled with problems. The state found major financial deficiencies with the academy earlier this month.

There were violations of the federal school lunch program's rules -- including $45,000 paid to Prime Prep officials for lunches which were never served. And earlier this year, students were kicked out of their classrooms by a landlord who claimed he wasn't being paid.

But now school leaders say the problems are part of the past, and the future is looking good.

'We have a number of students that have been enrolling every day. We're really excited about this. We also use this opportunity just as a reminder to parents that have been here all along, to let them know we're here,' Leicha Shaver said. 'We're looking forward to kids coming back. We'll be here next school year, and quite a bit of preparation has already begun.'

Deion Sanders told News 8 earlier this month he is sickened by the developments, saying he blames co-founder D.L. Wallace. He tweeted that Wallace is a crook and that the school is still suffering from his 'devilish ways.'

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