FRISCO When Arne Carlson found his home in a Frisco subdivision in 1999, there was very little else around.

'None of this existed,' said Carlson pointing to the area across the street.

But as time went on, the neighborhood filled out around them. The homes in the Frisco subdivision brought people... and the people have come and gone.

But now there's someone new coming: The Dallas Cowboys.

For the time being, the Cowboys will likely be a neighbor that will be loud, large, and lavish.

'You'll see heavy heavy construction out there for a while before you start seeing vertical,' Frisco Mayor Maher Maso said. 'The vertical is probably the easiest part.'

Workers really started using the heavy machinery this week on the 91-acre site where corporate headquarters, practice fields, a multi-use facility, and retail stores are planned.

'I'm happy to see it. It's way better than a big box store,' said Dan Sowa, who joined the neighborhood which sits about a mile from the Cowboys' site.

For now, it seems all the concern about the possible congestion is masked by the intrigue of the new neighbor.

'You get to tell all your neighbors back home, 'You know where the Cowboys train? That's where we live,'' Carlson said.

But there's still time before the Cowboys officially move in.

'This has to be ready by the 2016 season,' Maso said. 'The multi-use facility and the headquarters have to be done by then.'


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