FORT WORTH Flash flooding inundated parts of Fort Worth on Tuesday afternoon as storms brought more than three inches of rain to some parts of the city.

Much of the West 7th district was under several feet of water. Some motorists got stuck trying to navigate the flooded streets.

One car was seen floating down the street, unable to cope with the swirling waters.

'Everybody was caught off-guard,' one man told News 8.

Brodi Woodward just started working in the area. His white coupe stalled out under three feet of floodwaters.

'Car just kept getting deeper and deeper, and then it shut off,' he said.

The Fort Worth Fire Department used its trucks to block flooded streets. The department issued a Code Red, saying it fielded some 220 high water calls.

Lightning was suspected to have caused a massive house fire off West 6th Street, which left a chimney toppled.

The weather service reported a large tree was down at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. A wind gust of 60 mph was measured at an official reporting station in Arlington.

There were no reports of injuries or anyone missing as a result of the storm.

Experts say flooded streets can be deceiving to drivers, who are urged to turn around rather than attempt to drive through high water.

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