HOUSTON It's still not exactly clear just what went on inside room 821 at the Hyatt North Houston Hotel, but text messages from Jacqueline Gomez's prom date could shed some new light.

After Gomez died there, her friend Justice Gonzalez texted the teen's prom date looking for answers.

'I wanted to know what happened to her,' said Gonzalez. 'I didn't expect that. It happened out of the blue.'

Gomez's prom date texted back:

'They said she overdosed, but they won't be sure until they check. I woke up, I tried waking her up, but she wouldn't. I was screaming and crying telling her to wake up, but she didn't.'

'We went to sleep so happy.'

'She never told me she took drugs, and I know she wasn't that type of person,' said Gonzalez. 'So I don't know why all of a sudden that day it happened like that.'

So Gonzalez asked what it was that Gomez took. The date texted back:


Gonzalez asked:

'She took them before everything started?'

The date's response:


Gonzales said that just wasn't like her friend.

'People were saying she was such a party girl,' said Gonzalez. 'She wasn't. She was always focused on working and making money so she could go to college.'

Gonzalez also asked via text:

'You don't know where she got them from?'

Gomez's date wrote:

'No, I do not. I shoulda took them away and flushed 'em. I miss my girl.'

'I was angry, I mean why didn't you stop her?' said Gonzalez about reading those messages. 'You could have stopped her, but you didn't. Hopefully they find out what really happened.'

Police tell KHOU 11 News they do not believe the date played a role in the girl's death. However, they are looking at every aspect of this case under a microscope. They say the investigation is ongoing.

KHOU 11 News repeatedly tried to talk to the prom date's mother and the date, but they are not returning our calls.

Gomez's mother said she still has yet to hear from the date's mother, since the last conversation they had -- where she asked her to bring her daughter home. Instead police said the date's mother booked a hotel room for the teens to use.

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