Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal published an article Friday saying that adjustments to the 'transfer rule' could be in order, according to league and union sources.

Rangers manager Ron Washington said before Saturday's game that he, along with other MLB coaches, received a letter from the league that 'didn't mention adjusting anything.' The letter advised coaches to teach middle infielders to not transfer so quickly, and to teach them to not be careless, Wash said.

Washington said the letter was not sent in response to the complaint filed by the Rangers about the transfer rule.

'It was a general letter about how the review system has been working, adjustments that have to be made both with them and with us,' he said. 'And 'us' means from the general manager down to the players.'

A similar letter will be sent out once a month, Washington elaborated. The letters will update teams on how the new system is working and potential adjustments that could be necessary.

He said he the only issue he has with the replay system is the transfer rule, and that otherwise things with the new system have gone well.

Washington and the Rangers most recently made headlines concerning the transfer rule on April 14, when an out call at home plate was reviewed and later overturned, giving the Seattle Mariners a run and allowing an inning to continue.

The transfer rule came back to bite the Mariners on Friday when a similar play was overturned at third base. Umpires ruled that Kyle Seager dropped the ball on the transfer, allowing Giancarlo Stanton to hit with the bases loaded. Stanton would hit a grand slam.

According to Rosenthal's article, the league is open to adjusting the rules. Any changes would have to be approved by the union.

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