So some Dallas leaders want to switch DISD to a home rule district. It sounds promising... but hold on.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

There's no question DISD has problems. The magnet schools are magnificent, as are some of the others schools, and teachers and students have soldiered on, despite all the disputes among the 'stakeholders.'

Like most large school districts, the bickering at the top over control, contracts, and race has pushed educating children to the sidelines.

Now, the city wants more of a say in all of this, claiming the kids are being short changed.

This is the same city that didn't know its largest cab company was violating its own insurance requirements for more than decade, until our David Schechter pointed out the error. Even then, the city re-approved them without so much as a slap on the wrist.

It is true leadership at DISD has been less-than-ideal, but I'm not so sure this is only about the kids.

It's good to see the superintendent getting support from all sides now, but that may have more to do with turf protection than anything else.

Whatever Dallas school system we end up with, politics (and everything else) needs to take a back seat to the one reason we have schools: to educate our children.

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