SAN ANTONIO-- San Antonio has cultivated workers prepared to serve in the military, the medical community or in the tourism industry, but now there's room to build a manufacturing workforce for employers like Toyota.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, Inc. is celebrating 10 years in San Antonio. The south-side plant has created a total of 18,244 jobs including 6,000 at its south-side campus.

The other jobs were created as an indirect result of the facility being established at 1 Lone Star Pass.

Last week, team members broke a new record when they rolled out 1,059 trucks in one day. The plant is on track to build 230,000 trucks this year.

Toyota said workers with seven years experience can earn more than $20/hour.

'Toyota hires from within and they try to promote from within,' said Mario Lozoya, Director of Government, Relations and External Affairs.

The 2000-acre campus brings together about 6000 workers. About 65 percent of Toyota team members live within 15 miles of the facility. Toyota is working with high schools and colleges to help build a skilled workforce to sustain the economic growth in manufacturing. High-skilled positions can be hard to retain.

'There are many options for our very well-trained employees to maybe seek other opportunities,' said Lozoya. 'Although we don't have a huge attrition rate, we do have some based on the fact that other companies do come to town.'

Toyota said it has invested $4.4 billion into the San Antonio community and donated more than $15 million to charity.

Just as Toyota is leading the way in job creation the company is leading the Flambeau Parade at Fiesta San Antonio with the 2014 Toyota Tundra as the official vehicle of Fiesta.

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