GRANDPRAIRIE Police in Grand Prairie say they were able to take a suspect in a multi-jurisdiction chase into custody after his car tires became flat and the vehicle caught fire.

Lyle Gensler, a spokesman with the Grand Prairie Police Department, said the chase began after an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle in an attempt to locate a suspect wanted for unlawful restraint late Thursday morning.

'[Unlawful restrain is] an offense very similar to kidnapping that holds a very similar level of offense and punishment,' he said.

Gensler said the driver refused to stop and led police on a 20-minute pursuit.

In the midst of the chase, a passenger bailed from the car and attempted to flee on foot before he was taken into custody. Police said the suspect also side-swiped another car, which sustained minor damage. The driver of the car wasn't injured.

Authorities were able to take the suspect into custody when his vehicle became disabled due to the flat tires and fire.

'Once the driver was arrested and identified, it was determined he was not the suspect we were initially looking for,' Gensler said. 'However, he did have a felony warrant out for his arrest for a drug related offense.'

Both the driver and passenger face evading arrest charges.

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