FORT WORTH Azle residents had another opportunity to voice their concerns about earthquakes happening in their area on Friday night.

At a forum sponsored by several groups, including Texans for Government Transparency, residents grilled candidates who are seeking positions with the governor's office, Railroad Commission, and the Tarrant County Water District.

While there have been fewer earthquakes recently, it is still what has Azle residents like Pamela Abshire coming to these meetings.

'My floors are cracking and my trees are falling out of holes,' Abshire said.

This comes the same day the Texas Railroad Commission hired a seismologist, something residents have requested for months.

'Three months... That's quite a while to hire a seismologist,' Darlia Hobbs said.

The commission hired Dr. David Craig Pearson, who holds a doctorate in geophysics from SMU.

'I believe the railroad commission must [...] be able to determine the cause of earthquakes be they natural or man-made,' he wrote in a statement. 'My objective is to develop a broad understanding of the impact of oil and gas extraction activities on the day-to-day lives of Texas residents.'


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