DALLAS -- A searing video of an anguished mom confronting a DWI defendant in jail will likely be shown to many other drunk driving offenders.

The executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Dallas says it will be powerful tool, and that he will recommend it for national distribution.

The spontaneous rage was hard to witness Thursday, the fifth anniversary of the crash in Arlington that left Abdallah Khader in a vegetative state. He is now two months shy of his seventh birthday.

Because of complicated legal issues involving alcohol related arrests in other states, Stewart Richardson remains in jail awaiting trial.

On the anniversary, Loubna Khader, Abdallah's mother, decided to ask if Richardson would see her in jail. To her surprise, and ours, he walked into the room.

'It's been five years today! Five years!' Khader screamed, pressing her son's photographs to the thick glass between them. 'My son is dying every single day.'

Abdallah requires more and more time in ICU, and now must have an oxygen tank to breathe.

Loubna Khader didn't know if Richardson would see her, but she wanted us there if he did. We've covered her family's ordeal from the beginning.

Richardson repeatedly told her he was sorry.

Loubna left the room, and collapsed in tears.

Afterward, she told us she was grateful to finally get the chance to stand up for her child.

'There's so many more things I wanted to tell him about my son -- the things he goes through daily,' she said. 'But a man like him would never feel stuff like this.'

Many who viewed the raw scene said only forgiveness will bring her peace.

'I don't think there will ever be peace with this man. I tried so many times to convince myself to forgive him. Because it's not going to change anything,' she cried, slumped on a jail bench. 'But the minute I saw him, I just saw the devil in him.'

We asked Stewart Richardson why he agreed to face her.

'Because I made a mistake,' he said. 'And I want that family to know I'm trying to stand up for my mistake. To let them know I love them, and I'm very sorry for what happened.'

Abdallah Khader's mom wants him and everyone else to know that three times the legal limit is not a 'mistake.' And that what's left of her son is not a 'mistake.'

An hour later, with tears dried, she said she did feel her emotional burden lifting, just a little. Only a place to start.

But more than she had before she faced the man who has haunted her for five years.


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