There was a TV show when I was kid 'That Was the Week That Was.' I used to love that show, and I think I just lived it.

That Monday night commentary about Missouri's Michael Sam has resonated with people around the world, and I'm honestly still trying to figure out why why.

I didn't want to talk about this tonight, I really didn't. (Even I'm getting tired of talking and reading about me, and I didn't think there would ever be such a day.)

But the response deserves a response.

I have heard from people in almost every state in the union; from Japan; Canada; London; Africa; Tel Aviv and Cape Town.

Even Rush Limbaugh said that he thought I made a lot of good points. (Great... now I've got to re-think and re-write the whole thing.)

But it is somewhat disappointing that so many people begin with saying they were surprised by what I had to say. They were almost shocked that an old white guy especially an old white guy in Texas would write what they then say was such an eloquent and beautiful message about tolerance in our society.

I don' think it was all that, I really don't. But I think a lot of people judge me by how I look and where I'm from, and then when they hear what they like, I'm on the 'Ellen' show.

I think I'm the Susan Boyle of commentary writing.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive... but not all of it.

I have heard from a lot of Christians who supported the message and speak with a moderate voice... and too many Christians who don't. But to those who say I will burn in hell, and all the gays will burn there with me, I know this, and I have no doubt about this: Come Judgment Day, there's a rude awakening coming for one of us.

A local man says I have ruined my legacy, but to enjoy my 15 minutes because it's just about up.

I don't worry about a legacy, and I have no doubt that my 15 minutes will end.

But what an incredible 15 minutes it has been, and I thank each and every one of you for that.

That was the week that was... and I just lived it.


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