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ARLINGTON Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's profile is about as high as it can get these days.

In Arlington, Rangers general manager Jon Daniels watched the Super Bowl with special interest because in December, the Rangers got the rights to Wilson.

Now the question is whether Wilson will actually join the Rangers during spring training this year.

'We talked about it in December,' Daniels said. 'He was kind of excited about it. Obviously he's now kind of the face of the Super Bowl champions one of them along with coach [Pete] Carroll and others. I would love it if he comes. He's got an open invitation, but there is no obligation on his part.'

'It's a pretty cool thing,' Russell said in December when the Rangers took him in a minor league draft. 'That's my third time being drafted.'

Wilson's agent told News 8 by phone that his client plans to visit the Rangers at some point during spring training, but not as an active member of the team.

'I love baseball, but football is where my first love is,' Wilson said.

'I can see him out there taking ground balls with Elvis [Andrus] and [Jurickson] Profar, Wash [manager Ron Washington] and [Adrian] Beltre and the guys,' Daniels said. 'Maybe he can talk to some of the players formally or informally. We didn't really set anything in stone.'

When the Rangers drafted Wilson back in December, there was no real expectation that he would ever play baseball for this team, but you never know. Now that he's won a Super Bowl, those expectations have pretty much come to an end.

The Rangers would like to see his visit as motivational tool for their younger players. 'Yeah, basically we want to be associated with winners,' Daniels said.

Wilson may never wear a Rangers jersey, but collectors will like a limited edition Topps baseball card which will be released this season.

'He's doing the late night circuit now,' Daniels said. 'They've got a parade scheduled. From a PR standpoint, it's already been a positive, but I think it's a chance to have some developmental impact on our young players if he does come to camp.'

Last year, Texas also took Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston in the 15th round, but he didn't sign.

'Yeah, so in the same year we drafted the Heisman Trophy winner, a national champion quarterback and the Super Bowl quarterback,' Daniels said.

Now all they need is a World Series title.


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