I know many of you saw Dennis Rodman's rant this week from North Korea. Thank goodness he issued an apology and returned us all to sanity.

It's this week's uncut commentary.

It wasn't Dennis I was watching during the interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, it was the other former NBA players arrayed behind him, cutting glances at one another and shifting nervously.

They probably were wondering why they ever accepted Rodman's offer to come to North Korea and serve as senior faculty of the Rodman School of Diplomacy.

This might have come off well if they had convinced Kim Jong Un to exercise a little goodwill and release detained missionary Kenneth Bae.Imagine what that would have been like the captured clergyman returning to a hero's welcome; the world applauding the rare act of compassion by North Korea...

For a moment, we would all have to pay homage to the Rodman way of international relations.

No such luck.

Bae's still in custody. Some of the players are headed home tonight. And they're not likely to return, at least not with Rodman.

And Kim Jong Un is still in power, probably still watching reruns of the Marilyn Monroe-esque happy birthday from Rodman and wondering like the rest of us, 'What was that?'

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