PLANO Selling liquor in Plano has become big business.

'It's crazy in here. Crazy, crazy busy... non-stop,' said Janet Holden, whose S&K Beverages was the fifth store licensed to sell liquor in Plano after voters overturned a long-standing city ban on liquor sales last May.

In less than six months, Plano gained 21 shops that now sell liquor, and Plano City Manager Bruce Glasscock says another liquor store has a license pending.

S&K's owner wouldn't go into detail about exactly how good business is, but it has inspired him to open up another store in Lewisville, which recently went from 'dry' to 'wet.'

'It's less busy in here definitely... it's not as crazy as it was,' Holden said. The owner said he remembers when 50 people were lined up to get alcoholic beverages on the weekends. That doesn't happen anymore with the increased competition.

You won't hear any complaints from customers who would travel 15 to 20 miles for the nearest liquor store.

'Before we used to drive all the way to the Colony and Dallas just to get liquor,' said customer Weidenfield Tichawa.

Opponents of Plano's rule change cited fears that crime and litter would increase.

'Neither have we seen or experienced any of the problems with these stores that were alleged in pre-election banter,' City Manager Glasscock said.

And now, finally, applications for alcohol permits are starting to slow down.


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