DALLAS Temperatures are expected to drop dramatically this weekend, and Dallas police will have the final say if that will mean changes to this weekend's MetroPCS Dallas Marathon.

Assistant Police Chief Mike Genovesi told News 8 his department is keeping a close eye on the weather, but will not cancel the race due to cold alone, saying it would take extreme conditions to call off the event.

'They run marathons in Alaska, so if you can run one in Alaska, you can run one in Dallas, Texas,' said Dr. Scott Quinby of Baylor Sports Care.

Quinby said the hospital will see a 15 percent increase in staffing on race day. A cold forecast can lead to minor frostbite among runners, he said. And the cold air makes existing pulmonary conditions like asthma even worse.

'We really depend on people being aware, and us helping them become aware and plan for the cold by dressing in layers,' Quinby said.

With several days left before race day, organizers are urging runners to be ready for whatever changes the weather may bring.

A MetroPCS Dallas Marathon spokesperson issued the following statement:

'We recommend that all participants, volunteers and spectators dress appropriately, wearing layers that can be discarded as needed. We are closely monitoring the Dallas weather forecast and unless conditions are deemed unsafe for our race participants by the Dallas Police Department or the City of Dallas, we anticipate that the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon will go on as planned.'


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