FORT WORTH In an effort to get hundreds of foreclosed properties back on the tax roll, the city of Fort Worth is holding three sealed bid sales this month involving more than 350 properties.

The first round of bids was completed on Monday afternoon. Some of the lots on Amanda Ave. had starting bids as low as $10.

Purchasers must also pay back taxes associated with a property or home, which frequently are in the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

A former church off NW 25th St. is on the selling block for a minimum bid of $10,000.

The structure is nearly 100 years old. Neighbors said the location has long been a troubled spot.

'It's actually not a bad looking building,' said resident Olga Perez.

The city says the process is fairly straightforward. Applicants submit their bids and the highest one is selected by the city's Housing and Economic Development Department.

More information on the two remaining sales can be found here.The city owns more than 650 properties. Any sales will be approved by the city council next month.


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