TERRELL As word of five killings in as many hours spread around Terrell on Monday night, Terrence Walker was racing toward his mom's house off Stalling Street.

When he arrived, police told him that his 63-year-old mother, Mary Brownlow, was dead.

An aunt who lived nearby, Belinda Walker, was also murdered.

Police suspected Walker's brother, Charles Brownlow Jr., was responsible.

'It was just... I just don't even know what to think,' Walker told News 8 on Tuesday morning.

Police quickly linked Brownlow to three additional killings in Terrell.

Jason Wooden, 33, and his longtime partner Kelleye Pratt-Sluder, were found shot across town.

Police said Brownlow went there sometime before 10 p.m. The three were old acquaintances from Terrell High School.

A family friend outside the house said the couple were raising two children, including a three-year-old boy who inside during the gunfire.

'Senseless. That is the only word,' said one man.

A short time later, a fifth victim was found shot at a local gas station called Ali's Market.

Luis Leal, 22, was a young father and working inside when police said Leal swept into the store.

At a makeshift prayer circle on Tuesday evening, the young man's widow fought back tears as family and friends huddled around her.

'He was the best man you could ask for. He was sweet, kind, caring. No words can explain how he was. And the way he was killed? It wasn't right,' Sylvia Leal said. 'Only thing I can say is, I know my son will always have me, and I know his dad is watching over him.'

Ali Karimi, the store's owner, said he was devastated.

'I loved him like a son,' Karimi said, adding that the store is collecting donations to help with funeral costs.

Authorities said it didn't appear that Leal had any known links to Brownlow.

The suspect's brother, Walker, suspected drug use played into the shooting rampage.

He also said a recent break-up with a girlfriend may have 'set him off.'

Charles Brownlow was taken into custody early Tuesday morning after a police pursuit.

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