Decorating and Design tips from Jan Showers:

1. Pillows----they are available at every price point and can quickly bring up the glamour quotient in a room---they are also fun to change seasonally so that your house takes on a 'fall or spring' feeling.

2. Use outdoor fabrics inside! They are not expensive, come in wonderful colors and patterns and are very very durable and you can wipe them down.

3. Mirrors are available at all price points---I'm a big believer in a mirror in almost every room. They are wonderful in dining rooms to reflect a chandelier and in a living room or family room or bedroom, they create a window on any wall you put them on.

4. Art---nothing gives a room more personality----also framed prints are available at all price levels.

5. Glass accessories---these are my favorite way to bring sparkle and glamour to any setting. I like to group similar colors together.

6. An antique in every room to add character---this may be a piece that has been handed down in your family or something you find at a vintage or antique store. This adds another level of interest to the room.

7. Family photos in frames make a house personal.

8. Magazine/newspaper racks are wonderful to allow a room feel lived in.

9. Try to vary the fabric textures in a room. If you have linen drapery, it would look great to juxtapose a silk or shinier textile near them. Then mix in a velvet bench or chair.

10. Make sure that there is a small table by every chair---there is nothing worse than having to put a coffee cup or glass of wine on the floor by a lonely chair! I also like a floor lamp by the chair and table, or a table with a table lamp.

11. Painting a room a different color changes the mood of the space.

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