DALLAS -- Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett downplayed reports that defensive lineman Jason Hatcher confronted quarterback Tony Romo after he threw an interception returned for a touchdown last week during practice.

'A little knowledge is dangerous,' said Garrett on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM, evading the question like he used to oncoming rusher in his days as a quarterback in the NFL.

'I think somehow, some way people are trying to make this into a divisive thing between or amongst some players on our team and that's not the case at all,' Garrett added.

'Hatcher talked for about 30 seconds and just talked about where we were in our season and said, 'We gotta get going and practice hard and well each and every day, and take advantage of these opportunities,' and I think he expressed himself really well, and I think it's good for your football team when you have guys like that.'

After dominating the Rams Sunday 31-7, Hatcher said there is no ill will between him and Romo.

'I love Romo to death,' said Hatcher in the locker room after the game. 'Where Romo at? Tell him to come over here, I'm gonna hug his neck. I love Romo. Romo loves me. We're teammates. We're brothers.'

Hatcher said he didn't want the comments to go public, because he doesn't seek the attention he knew would come with it.

'It was supposed to be private. I don't so stuff for attention. I'm just a number. I'm not a name. I'm not a star player,' Hatcher said. 'I'm not trying to get in the media and be the face of the franchise. I'm just serving my purpose. I'm doing what I feel I'm supposed to to.'


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