FRISCO -- Six people, including one student, two staff, and three firefighters, were treated for minor injuries Monday after an oxygen tank exploded in a fieldhouse at Lone Star High School.

Firefighters responded to a medical emergency at the school at about 10:20 a.m. and when they arrived, they found a school nurse treating a student with an oxygen pack in the fieldhouse. When the nurse attempted to change canisters, the device exploded, according to a release from City of Frisco Director of Communications Dana Baird.

The student, the nurse, an assistant principal, and three firefighters were transported to Centennial Hospital for exposure to the chemical and minor burns.

In all, a Frisco Fire Department engine, two ambulances, and a Hazardous Materials unit responded.

The Frisco Fire Marshal's office is working to determine what caused the canister to explode.

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