Q: Please can the station help the news ladies have a fresh hair do, or at least clean hair? The reporter(s) look as if they have slept in their clothes and their hair is a mess. Last night (July 23) the material about the death of the Saginaw child was horrific at best, I don t think we needed to know all the details...really? Thank you for your time.


A: Thank you for the email, Jo. As of this writing, here is the latest story in the murder of the 6-year-old Saginaw girl and the investigation ( Unfortunately, spot news coverage in July during extreme Texas heat can be difficult, and potentially affect appearances. These reporters and photographers out in the field are working hard long hours and tough conditions. We do our best to look as fresh as we can.

As for the information presented, we certainly do our best to be appropriate. This is a murder case, and the community needs to know some details such that they may aid law enforcement in piecing details together.

If stories deserve specific disclaimer as to graphic images, language or another reason, we may include it as we did online next to the link to the suspect s arrest warrant.(

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