DENTON -- After more than 50 years in business, a famous Denton barber shop is closing shop.

Logan's will be cleared out by week's end.

Leonard Logan Jr., who took over the shop from his father in the late 1990's, said it was time to hang up his scissors after ongoing problems with the building, and issues with the city's code department.

"It's time, but certainly I'm disappointed," he told News 8.

On Thursday, some of his longtime friends and customers stopped by to bid farewell.

Fred Hill has been getting his hair cut by Logan for at least 40 years. But he said he really came by Robertson and Skinner Streets every week to "shoot the breeze" with all of his buddies.

"Whether you were going to get your hair cut or not, you'd stop in and josh it up," he said.

Earlier this month, the building failed a code inspection.

The water was also turned off after another tenant on the other side of the building left, and didn't pay up on the bill.

The city said the shop could reopen, but Logan said he has no use for filling out new paperwork or making physical changes to the shop itself.

"I don't like change -- definitely not at my age," Logan laughed.

The life-long Denton resident said he plans to only cut his grandson's hair in the future.


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