There are those who claim Edward Snowden is a hero -- risking his life to reveal the extent of NSA intercepts.

To them, I say, "Well, hold on."

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

First, don't let these other countries fool you; all nations spy on each other, even the one's complaining the loudest in this situation.

Most citizens were surprised, and it would be nice if it didn't have to be done at all, but many people are still blaming Bill Clinton and George W. Bush for not doing enough spying before 9/11, so the chances of it going away are not likely.

Snowden claims principle would simply not allow him to continue his involvement.

Fine... but he wasn't principled enough to stay and accept whatever consequences there will be for his decision -- very likely jail time.

Instead, he ran off to China, then Russia, looking for a place to hide and warning he could release more.

He may be right. There's too much spying on American citizens.

But if you believe in the rightness of your actions, you should stand and defend them, no matter what the cost.

That's what real heroes do.

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