FAIRVIEW To most people, Fairview is the home of the Village at Fairview, a mall one stop north of Allen on Central Expressway.

To the 8,000 people who live there, Fairview is town hall, home of city government.

But in the coming mayoral election, the symbol of Fairview is a new wedding/event hall that's going up next to the shopping center and town hall.

Called Noah's, it's being finished on the eve of next week's mayoral election. Noah Corporation is a private company based in Utah which owns event halls across the country.

The company owns one hall in Richardson another in Irving, which it footed the bills for.

But in Fairview, the city issued bonds to pay for the hall.

That makes "absolutely no sense," according to mayoral candidate Michael Pezzulli. "It is costing the town $3 million for the land and to build the building and to actually pay these people from Noah's to design and build it."

The land for the Noah's was the last parcel remaining for the Village at Fairview shopping center, which is not healthy. The mall is dotted with closed businesses and boarded-up storefronts.

The city is a partner in the shopping center.

Pezzulli has been trying to find out why the deal with Noah's was done without public comment. And he's been trying to unearth documents involved with the transaction.

He's succeeded to some extent, but has been blocked by the Fairview city attorney, who has filed appeals with the Texas attorney general.

It has been "virtually impossible" to get information on some transactions, Pezzulli said.

His mayoral opponent, Darion Culbertson, maintains that the Noah's hall is not a campaign issue. He said the city is protected if Noah's abandons the project, to which it has committed for 20 years.

Culbertson canceled a News 8 interview on the subject.

The Fairview municipal election is May 11.


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