DALLAS The VIP tents are already up for the annual PGA Byron Nelson Championship taking place later this month at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. Now, the big question is whether the tournament organizers believe the grass would be greener on the other side of an overgrown forest 23 miles away.

The city of Dallas is trying to lure the event out of Irving to the planned Trinity Forest Golf Course, which would be built in southern Dallas.

I m ready to play golf y all; so let s go play golf, urged Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway at Wednesday s session.

After much anticipation, in two weeks the Dallas City Council is set to vote on the development, which would require an investment of up to $12 million in tax money. But the deal could end up in the rough without a commitment from the Byron Nelson. And with no firm agreement yet, some leaders are leery.

You were clear with us that we would see the Byron Nelson agreement before we voted on this, Dallas Councilwoman Sandy Greyson reminded City Manager Mary Suhm at Wednesday s meeting.

Greyson added there should be no vote without the agreement in hand.

Insiders assure the championship is coming to Dallas.

It s going to happen. Those agreements are in place, says Carol Reed, of The Reeds PR firm, which is working closely with the developer and designer of the course.

Reed says, considering all the major players involved, this complex development has come a long way in a remarkably short period of time. She adds that mere technicalities are all that s left before a deal is finalized, Like with any deal it s down to dotting I s and crossing the T s by all the attorneys .

A representative from the Byron Nelson Championship confirms the legal wrangling continues, but that talks should wrap up so a deal can be finalized before the council vote on May 15. But as with a great golf tournament, the drama could play out all the way down to the 18th hole.


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