This was one of my all time favorite guys.

Pat Summerall went from Arkansas to the NFL to the broadcast booth, and if he's not the best there ever was, he's on that incredibly short list.

Summerall was one of the few who could do football, tennis and golf... and every event was a little bit bigger and better when he was there.

Everybody I know has a Pat Summerall story; here's mine:

I'm sitting in the Cowboys hospitality suite in Philadelphia in 1982 with Summerall and Jimmy the Greek Snyder. It's... uhhhhhh... well past midnight.

Summerall says he can't go to his room because he's covering for his broadcast partner Tom Brookshire. I'm not saying it's right, but I am saying it's funny.

He and Snyder told stories till well past five in the morning, and Summerall was on the air at noon ... and you just can't look and sound any better than he did.

i don't have many, but Pat Summerall was one of my heroes.

And now he's dead at 82.


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